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>> up next, a republican-led debt plan passes the house but falls dead in the senate. >> it was over a month ago when she fell 30 feet off the j.f.x. stat stat starts now. -- "11 news saturday morning" starts now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. first we'll get to the weather with john collins. i don't think it cooled down much. >> we are not quite in the cooler air. it is not so much a cooler front as a front that will drop the
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humidity. it is still going to be a hot week. and still warm out there right now this morning. relatively speaking, anyway. we look at a couple readings for you. at b.w.i. marshall, humidity still up. the brom center is still down at -- barometer is down. at the moment, the winds are calm. at the inner harbor, it is 84 degrees right now. humidity up, bromfer down. a front coming through, usually fronts produce rain, but in this case, this front is summing through our area dry. very limited rain shower activity with a front anywhere along the front anyway. in our area nothing going on the at moment. we'll talk about the prospects for rain in the forecast. the prospects for something slightly cooler and less humid. coming up. >> our big story this morning is back to the drawing board after a republican-led house passes
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its version of a debt ceiling bill only to have it die in the senate. >> steve handelsman tells us where senate goes next. >> two hours after the boehner bill passes the house, senate democrats killed it. >> the ayes are 59. >> this is almost an out-of-body experience. >> all eyes on top senate republican mitch mcconnell. democrats say only he can fast track and make a deal. >> we all know the senate is the only way out of this mess. >> i stuck my neck out a mile. i put revenues on the table in order to try to come to an agreement to avert us being where they are. but a lot of people in this town
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can never say yes. >> boehner veered to the right, including a balanced budget constitutional amendment to get the votes of tea partier louie gomez. most in the senate said, no new amendments. >> this is the most outrageous suggestion i have heard. >> president obama insisted a weekend compromise is possible. >> this is not a situation where the two parties are miles apart. we are in rough agreement with how much spending can be cut responsibly. mimp mcconnell signals he is ready to make a deal. from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> ben cardin was among the no vote. he said he killed the measure in
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the hopes of making a bipartisan compromise. >> we need to put the debt ceiling behind us. as you know, the debt ceiling is ash trarey. -- is arbitrary. we have incurred these bills. bethesda to pay these bills. -- we have to pay these bills. we have two goals to accomplish. >> and com elijah cummings also stopped by our studio after voting no. he said his constituents are livid over the stalemate in congress. >> they are boried. i have gotten my seniors worried about their social security checks. i have students worried about student loans. i have home owners worried about mortgage payments going up. is so people are worried. i agree with them. we ought to be able to get this consumer. >> as lawmakers cast votes and traded barbs, the markets
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trembled, bracing for the possibility of a default next week. kai reed has more on the fall-out if a deal isn't reached by tuesday. >> this is really what america looks like. >> as americas across the country show their frustration over the wlingering debt debate -- >> if people who finance debt are not paid, the consequences could be dire. >> a local economist said people have reason to be frustrated and worried. >> in fact athe sky to a certain sense would be falling if the u.s. defaults. it would fall on social security recipients pension. and of course troops and defense contractors and others. >> what would happen with social security is a common question so many americans depend on the checks to survive.
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some social security recipients receive 90% of their total household income from social security. >> my guess is the federal government will continue to write those checks, but the checks who write health care services and are therefore paid by medicare, medicaid may see those checks delayed. defense and federal contractors may see their checks delayed. you will continue to see ripple effects across the economy. more people will put their money in assets, such as government bonds. >> but i'll tell you this -- something is going to fall. it could be the stock market. it could be bond prices. interest rates could rise or fall. none of it is good for the economy, and none of it is good for wealth creation. >> kai reed. >> and for a look at the debt crisis and how it can affect you, go to and
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click on "debt talk coverage." >> baltimore coverage is boasting about its perfect credit score. kevin camp nets boasted about a triple-a bond rating. kamanetz said the perfect rating reaffirms the county's solid rating of fiscal management. >> a shooting on the intersection of druid hill avenue and west hoffman street. initial reports indicate they were wounded by awe shotgun blast. >> city police investigating a homicide after discovering a body in a car found just before 11:00 a.m. at north gay and east preston streets in east baltimore. the victim was an older man who
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was shot and put into a trunk. >> the time is 5:08 and it is warm on tv hill. what particularors say the pgs historian -- presidential historian accused of stealing documents might do if he's released from jail. >> and john collins has your insta-weather plus forecast. stay with us. "11 news saturday morning" is "11 news saturday morning" is just getting started.
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>> take a look at our live h.d. doppler radar. as i mentioned, a front is coming through the area. a lot of times fronts have rain in them. you can see rain, this is three hours worth of radar and satellite. in this case, the rain ran in. the atmosphere can't support it. even with all the atmosphere in
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the -- moisture in the atmosphere. it made it to 104 at the inner harbor. again, no rain measured. it was up to the north yesterday. 82 in annapolis. on the boardwalk 79. frederick 79. in the upper 60's. pleasant out in western maryland. they had showers overnight. here you see the radar-satellite combination over the past six hours or so. you can kind of see at linement where this front is coming down. less humid air to the north.
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the really muggy stuff in the south. that will gradually push southward. this front was stalled to the south of us. here is what things looked like this evening. along either side of it, there will be shower activity. ocean city will be a little closer to that. we can't take rain out of the ocean city forecast. at least we get our total into the slightly less humid air. it will still be hot, but not as humid. 90 to 95 the high. the shower activity made be ticked up into southern maryland.
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probably more than the clouds. ocean city is a bit more of a target. monday we have a cool front coming in. we might see showers pass through on monday, but not a major outbreak of rain or anything like that. it is not a big one. most of the day will be fine saturday, sunday, and monday. seven-day forecast. all right. here we go. 93 today, 92 on sunday. 91 on monday. there's that rain chance on monday. a little higher rain chance. with scattered showers and thunderstorms. notice as we get toward that rain chance. temperatures go up and the humidity goes up, too. >> thanks, john. one man recovering after a helicopter crash in harford county friday afternoon. maryland state police say they responded at 5:30 to that crash. a pilot was transported to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. it started to shake violently on
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the ground. >> it appears to have extensive damage. however, the pilot stated the owner had already landed the helicopter. it was going through a normal powering down procedure when, in their words, "something happened." >> there is no word on what caused the crash. troopers say the f.a.a. is investigating. >> the presidential list torian charged with stealing documents will stay in custody over the weekend. prioritization say barry landaeu might try to destroy evidence if released. the two men were indicted by a grand jury accused of stealing and selling documents that included a benjamin franklin letter and papers signed by abraham loan. -- lincoln. >> theresa rig by was knocked
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off the side of the j.f.x. a month ago and after struggling on life support, she is being released from the hospital. >> it was a little over a month ago when officer teresa rigby fell 30 feet when she stopped to attend a disabled vehicle. it was a miracle she survived. >> she is currently on full life support. she has a number of serious injuries. she is in critical condition. >> and today another miracle, with the help of a walker, officer rigby walked into the zion baptist church. [cheers and applause] >> the kids are in a summer camp here at the church, and the camp director thought it would be nice for them to send officer rigby a huge get well card.
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>> we heard about officer rigby seas story. we came up with the idea to give her a get well card to encourage her through her rehabilitation. >> for the kids, helping to cheer up an injured baltimore city police officer was just the right thing to do. >> we wanted to help her feel better. the police department is very important to her. >> so officer rig by came to tell the kids how much she appreciates what she has done. >> i appreciate them taking the time to make me a banner. i put it in my office and i stee all the time. i appreciate it. it's really nice of them to make that for me. >> do you know how much people really care about you?
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>> i didn't know until now. >> saying thank you and get well noon to one of baltimore's finest. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is amazing she is doing so well. >> and she looks so beautiful, her pretty smile. we're so happy for miller. >> a hore identifying accident at a construction site killed one man and injured another. we'll tell you what happened there. >> and the state releases its cancer findings. the results not so good. how maryland is preparing to compat those numbers. >> plus, get a peek at can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try.
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>> cancer kileds kills 1-4 people in maryland and it is the state's second leading cause of death. >> a plan to beat the deadly
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disease. george lettis has more. >> cancer continues to sicken tens of thousands marylanders a year. a new report released tuesday shows maryland is gaining ground in its fight against the deadly dies. the latest comprehensive control program shows -- compare that to the late 19 0's when the state had the third-highest death rate. how did things change? >> diligent surveillance and understanding what those cancers are, who is impacted by those cancers, and what are the precursors. what are the primary and secondary risk factors. >> tobacco settlement money is funding more research and prevention capability which has allowed more people to get timely cancer screenings. >> there is more people can do that will make a difference in
5:22 am
their own lives, such as stopping smoking or helping their loved ones stop smoking. >> lung cancer is number one, colon cancer is next. that's despite improvements in the fight of colon cancer. maryland has the highest rates of decline. state health leaders say the biggest challenge moving forward is reducing disparity between low income residents. depomgom down has the lowest many death rate. baltimore county is died with the highest. >> if you want to read the whole report, go to our web site at >> and stay with us. there is much more news ahead on "11 news saturday morning." >> first a look at events going on around town this weekend. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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in the granola bar aisle. >> brooks robinson. >> rob roblin has the story. >> if you are an o's fan back in the 1960's and 1970's, he was
5:26 am
the paster of third base. nobody could make the plays like brooksie. >> he's out. >> he's one of the greatest players to ever put on a uniform. >> workers here were busy picking up the statue's base. for this man, it is something special. >> it is an honor to do something like this. >> it is great to see he's getting this honor. >> he has a 20-plus year career. a -- two world series.
5:27 am
>> to have brooks is appropriate , to be in this area and pay tribute to him with a statue i think is long overdue and i'm very pleased to see it. >> in south baltimore they are busy sand blasting the lettering that will go on the steps. this one remembers brooks in 1907 as the world series m.v.p. >> to have this permanent recognition of him as he welcomes fans and tours to everyday citizens to baltimore is a good thing. >> the statue itself is in italy. it will soon be shipped here and be unveiled in late october. >> the statue is bronze. it weighs is,500 pounds. it shows brooks with his foot touching third base. he's in a position where he's preparing to throw from third base to first base. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> 5:27. 77 degrees on tv hill. coming up, a look at our top stories. >> including why baltimore county authorities are looking into shutting down a club under the county's padlock law. >> and a death and an injury. we'll tell you all about it. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thank you for joining us. >> we broke another record as far as temperatures were concerned. a cool front overhead right now and slipping to the south. no rain with the front. temperatures are still warm. humidity is still up a little bit. the difference that this front will make, yau yeah it will drop the temperatures a little bit, but the humidity will back off, too, so that will help. we're still starting out with a warm morning this morning. the humidity is up there. 84 is the temperature downtown. it is not cooled by any stretch of the imagine flation. so, again, no rain with this front. temperatures at the moment are still a little on the warm site. but the weekend will be a little more bearable.
5:31 am
details on the forecast and where we are going next week coming up on the insta-weather plus forecast. >> baltimore county police looking into closing a middle river nightclub after a sexd stabbing in 10 days. this time a woman was stabbed on the dance floor of boomers nightclub. this is the same location where a week ago a man was stabbed in the parking lot. a man was charged with first-degree attempted murder. officials are looking into whether the sclub can be shut down under the patlock law. >> police need your help finding a driver wanted in a hit-and-run. another driver snapped this picture of the driver moments after he hit a man on a bicycle. the driver then left the scene. it happened on east college parkway and bay head road in annapolis. the victim was seriously injured and is recovering from his
5:32 am
injuries at shock trauma. if you can help police with this, you are urged to call police at 1-866- maryland-lock-up. >> maryland's second in command says he's sponsored and helped pass several resolutions during his time as chairman from dealing with military programs to prenatal care. he said he shows public officials can come together across party lines. >> a dangerous day friday for two construction workers at arund he will hills mall. one man killed and two injuried when a wall collapsed. it happened when the slots par lower was being built. >> we have moved from rescue to a recovery operation.
5:33 am
>> a man died after a heavy concrete wall fell on him. that same wall also struck a 25-year-old man. garvo jimenez suffered life-threatening injuries. >> it is unclear what exactly happened, other than they were working at the site at that time, and the individual that was struck and trapped under the wall was in a lift, working from a lift when the wall came down. >> firefighters respond today this parking lot at arund he will -- arundel hills plall. it is where the maryland life casino is being built. the wall is estimated to be 30 feet by 40 feet. the construction scene posed significant challenges for rescue crews. >> we are talking about lots of heavy equipment. unstable ground surfaces. unstable pieces of building. >> high temperatures also were a serious concern.
5:34 am
>> the heat is a significant factor out here with the rescuers. we actually operate under work-rest cycles. today with temperatures and humidity, we can only get 15 minutes out of each crew. we're working for 15 minutes, and it is mandatory rest for 45 minutes. >> in response to the accident, the cordish company sent out a notice saying our prayers are with the construction workers' families. barry sims, wbal-tv 11 news. >> two years ago it was an old parking lot tucked away in the city's northeast section. >> coming up, the urban garden is on the cusp of green technology. how it is ripening the lives of local students. john? >> well, that garden needs some rain.
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>> it is rain-free around us. you can look athe live h.d. doppler radar. there is three hours of satellite imaginary here. a cluster of rain out in west virginia moving eastward but drying up as it crosses the potomac river. so we're not getting any rain here. we'll just see clouds here this morning for a little bit, a scattered area of cloudiness. the atmosphere over the chesapeake bay region has just -- as moist as it is, it has been so warm, it can't support any sustained rain shower activity at all. it is s it is pretty this morning. it is still humid, though, and still warm. 77 at the airport. 84 at the inner harbor. humidity is still up.
5:38 am
29.93 the barometer is rising. the front slipping to our south. that means less humid air is filtering in. it won't be able to heat up. it will still heat up. by any stretch of the imagination it won't be at that record level. so, to sum it up, in july we've had 21 days now that have gone 90 or hotter. four days in july that have gone 100 or hotter. yesterday was one of those. we have had 5 five 100-plus does. last year we had seven 100-plus days, so we are getting close to matching last year. ocean city 79. parkton 74. in the 60's out in western maryland, now.
5:39 am
can you kind of see, if you take the clouds. we have a storm system. you take the clouds and stretch them across here. there is a front in here. some kind of a boundary that has helped those clouds to develop. rains along the boundary out west. there it is just south of us. that cool front. that he yeah it is going to be cooler. but really it is drier air coming in. pushing the muggy humid stuff well to the south of us. this front will stall to our south. as you go further south over the weekend, that front just down near the virginia, north carolina line there will be more clouds and a little better chance for rain in southern maryland or the lower eastern shore. we had a tropical storm that went onshore overnight. winds 30 miles per hour. it moves inland. it didn't do much to help the drought further north in the majority of texas. our forecast partly cloudy
5:40 am
skies. it will be hot, but not as humid today. not as hot as yesterday but it is still hot. look at the sunset now. 8:21 in the evening. we're getting darker sooner knew. here's that boundary -- now. you don't see much rain with it. on sunday, futurecast shows again some showers. well south of the baltimore area. on monch, we have another front come in. ocean city's forecast. partly cloudy. temperatures in the 80's through the weekend. our forecast has the next rain chance coming in on monday for isolated storms. we're still warm. we still stay up in the low 90's for highs. another chance for rain. >> nearly 5,000 howard county residents are being asked to participate in an expansion of the county's recycling program.
5:41 am
residents in elicott city are getting a container for food scraps. scraps will be composted and sold as a soil additive. they hope to expand the coup program county wide. squ who better to do this next story than our own george lettis, because lettuce is one of the foods growing in a state-of-the-art school. >> tucked with the concrete jungle of northeast baltimore -- >> two years ago, this whole space was nothing but parking lot. >> is a group ripening the young minds at the elementary school. >> this is our blue berry garden, was berry garden. >> they run what's called the hamilton crop circle. rain water drops and once filtered, the water collects in
5:42 am
tanks and is dripped through a network of pipes underground and right into the garden variety of food and flowers here. >> we're trying to reduce the amount of run-off that goes in the chesapeake bay, reduce pollution, show the kids of recycling water. >> we plant vegetables and stuff. it is not easy. it is not easy. we water the plants. it is really not easy. >> community groups involved in the project said that hard work maze off in many ways. >> instead of them seeing their neighborhood as people throwing trash out there, seeing you can grow fruit and vegetables. you can do community service instead of waiting for other people to come in and do it. >> this isn't just about teaching people about going green, but the fruits and vegetables grown here are sold to a few restaurants. >> healthful eats that's growing
5:43 am
vines and young minds. george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it is not easy. >> it is just not easy. >> that george. >> welcome to the joys of pregnancy. no swollen feet, weight gain. why this is the case for one indiana mother. >> what's she talking about. >> well, should parents be given the option of transferring their children from a low-performing school? we'll tell you about it in this morning's education alert. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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>> in is a part of a larger retirement to give parrots an option to move their children from low-performing schools. >> middlesex elementary school, a -- has failed to make yearly progress. since test scores have fallen below state standards for more than two years, parents have the option of transferring their children to a another neighborhood school with higher scomporse. >> i was a little shocked when i seen the letter, you know. transfer option at the beginning of school. i haven't even started school yet. it is what it is. you know what i mean? we'll probably decide to transfer him litter when he gets done with third or fourth grade. >> letters going going out to thousands of parents in 10 baltimore county elementary
5:47 am
schools giving them until mid august to make a decision whether or not to transfer their children and whether or not to stay in their home schools. cheryl jones says parents are already weighing their options. >> we have received no one who said they are transfering. that makes me feel good. >> in the past, fewer than 6% of parents have actually taken advantage of the school transfers. >> absolutely. we make thure sure it is a smooth transparent process. we work with the office of transportation making sure our students arrive to l -- to school on time. >> as part of the federal requirement, county officials make sure students have a way of getting to their schools. >> and there is more news
5:48 am
straight ahead. >> full speed ahead or slow and steady at the start of the free steady at the start of the free [ female announcer ] find yourself sometimes cleaning up after your dishcloth? bounty extra soft can help. it's super durable, and in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth.
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>> the ravens taking a wait-and-see approach. they are not waiting to see first-round pick jimmy smitz anymore. he wears number 22. he has all the traits a shutdown corner. matching up nicely against bowden as well as against smith. jimmy smith has a prite future as the ravens starting cornerback. he will likely start. he knows he will not be -- he said he believes he'll be ready for it. what he was president ready for was the intensity of practice. he was nervous and decide today get his legs ready depor next time. >> i got ahead and ran a come
5:52 am
miles. then i ran this run test and after that it was like, whoa, the practice came. it was a tough day. i think i got a lot of work done as far as knowing the testifies. >> that's a rookie mistake. >> you don't always have to get your running in the night before practice begins. there is no reason to keep running. the first big name in the market has moved to the philadelphia eagles who nabbed cornerback nambi assamuon. it was the cowboys and the jets that appeared to be running 1-2 for the services. philadelphia steps up with a deal, and it is a big one. five years, $60 million. $25 million guaranteed. this will give you some perspective on just how much money assamuon will make.
5:53 am
he'll make 120,000 every quarter of every game. duon landry will not make nearly that much, but it does appear he will cash his next check. he had nine interceptions with five years. raiders head coach 0 hugh jackman served on the coach. recently as two years ago a healthy gaither remains a force, but his inability to stay healthy remains a concern. he spent all of last year on the sidelines with back injuries. i'm gerry sandusky. hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start. >> well, it is, because we finally have some good o's news to report. they beat the yankees in new york last night 4-2. >> take that. >> well, some expectant mothers experience morning sickness,
5:54 am
swelling feet. others only have a few minor difficulties. >> there is one indiana woman who says she didn't have any symptoms. she is describing this as the easiest pregnancy ever. she didn't know she was pregnant until last week. an unbelievable surprise stork visit. >> how do you not know you are pregnant. >> melissa judd and her boyfriend said the last thing they were expecting was to being spect -- expecting. >> i lost weight. i lost 15 pounds. >> were you bigger than you are now? >> just a little bit. not much. >> no sign? >> no. >> no sickness? >> no cramping? >> no. >> i had no idea. there weren't any differences, any changes. her mood wasn't different. nothing. >> so last wednesday melissa was
5:55 am
enjoying her day off, started cleaning the house. we'll let her finish the story. >> i was feeling a little crampy i thought, i'm getting ready to start my period. i felt the urgency to go to the bathroom. i went to the bathroom. i pushed, and surprise, so i thought, well, i'm here by myself, i'm going to have to do this alone. >> so she did. 20 minutes later she delivered a five pound, nine-ounce baby boy. >> he came out, he popped his eyes open, he took a breath and he wailed. i knew he was ok, but he was purple so it scared me to death. i wrapped him and everything in a couple towels, pulled my britches up, and i went to bradley. >> bradley happens to be an e.m.t., her neighbor, and thankfully he was home. >> i come running over to her,
5:56 am
and she has a baby in her hand, and i am like, where did that come from. the main thing in my mind, is i have to get the umbilical cord clamped off and i have nothing. >> mom and baby were wisked off to the hospital. >> i thought it was a joke. i thought it was a practical joke. nate gets a call and hears his girlfriend had his baby. >> i drove to the hospital, and sure enough, there they were. >> one week later, little jackson is fitting right in. >> he's a miracle. definitely. i wopt trade him for anything. >> ok. >> congratulations. i find it hard to believe that you can not know. >> i think as moms, unless we went through it, we would never believe that story. talk about unprepared parents, they are really unprepared. >> come on!
5:57 am
>> 5:55. 77 degrees on tv hill. much more ahead in the next hour of 11 news saturday morning. >> purple passion is alive and well. we welcome the baltimore ravens back to the playing field. the end of the nfl lockout is the beginning of the 2011 football season, and broadcast team wbal-tv 11 is certainly glad the worst stoppage is hofere. players tuned into the
5:58 am
discussion and participated in various workouts. now that an agreement has been reached, we can all breathe one collective sigh and say, let the games begin. since their arrive in 1996, baltimore fans have welcomed nfl football with open arms, and this year will be no different. even with our training camp being open to the public, the roar of the crowd is ready for the preseason to cheer on our team. there is nothing like a team of our own. we proudly say, welcome home to our ravens.
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